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Electronic travel cards Sofia City Card

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Purchase your new Sofia City Card and collect it from UMC office more-info

When the card is already in your profile you can choose and purchase travel products

You can pay and pick up your travel card from UMC office. Once the travel card is in your profile, you can purchase travel products online

The web portal allows you to load travel products for Sofia’s public transportation network on the new Sofia City Cards, issued by the Urban Mobility Center. If you already have an account with Urban Mobility Center and have purchased a Sofia City Card, you may start loading products on it as soon as you complete the registration process and log into your profile. Please, make sure to sign up with an email address and phone number that match the ones you provided in the ticket office when your account was created.
If you don’t have a green travel card, you can still create an online profile and request a card by completing the online request form. In this case, you will have to visit one of the listed Urban Mobility Center ticket offices to collect your card and start using it in the web portal.

The web portal works with registered, personalized and preferential cards (Sofia City Card).

The old blue travel cards cannot be used in the web portal.


Tap contactless payment card on a blue validator in UMC vehicles

Sign up and login into your profile

Add the payment card to your profile

Check your travel history and receipts more-info

Travellers wishing to browse their journey history and payment receipts for Pay-as-you-go taps made with a Contactless Visa or Mastercard payment card are able to do this by completing the online registration process and logging into their profiles.
In case you couldn’t add your payment card or smart device which you used at least once for travel in public transport or you cannot access the receipt from your trip, please send an e-mail to

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