Cookies policy

In this section you can find an overview of the cookies we use.

Cookies are absolutely necessary

Certain cookies are required so that we can securely provide our services through the website. This category includes, eg:

- Cookies, which identify or authenticate our users;

- Cookies, which temporarily store certain user data (for example, the content of an online form);

- Cookies that store certain user preferences (eg search settings or language settings);

- Cookies, which store data to ensure the smooth playback of video or audio content.

Analytical cookies

We use analytics cookies to record user behavior (eg click on ad banners, enter search queries) and statistically evaluate these actions.

Advertising cookies

We also use cookies for advertising purposes. User behavioral profiles created using such cookies (e.g., clicking on banner ads, subpages visited, search queries entered) are used by us to show you ads or offers that are tailored to your interests ( "advertising based on individual interest").

Third party advertising cookies

We also allow other companies to rate our users' data through advertising cookies. This allows us and third parties to show interest-based ads to users of our website that are based on an analysis of your usage behavior (e.g., clicks on banner ads, subpages visited, queries entered), such as this is not limited to our online offers.

Cookies when forwarding

Our referral tracking partners set cookies on your computer (a "referral cookie") in case you have reached our website through advertising with that partner. These cookies usually expire after 30 days. In the event that you visit certain pages we host and that the cookie has not yet expired, we and the relevant conversion tracking partner may see that a specific user has clicked on the ad and was redirected to our page. The information collected through the referral cookie is used to generate referral statistics and to determine the total number of users who have clicked on the relevant ad and are redirected to a page that has a referral tracking tag.

Web space analysis

We need statistical information about the use of our website to make it more accessible, to measure scope and to do market research.

For this purpose, we use the web analytics tools described in this section.

The user profiles created by these tools, using analytics cookies or by evaluating log files, do not contain personal data. The tools either do not use users' IP addresses at all, or shorten them immediately after collection.

The tool providers process the data only as processors of personal data according to our instructions, and not for their own purposes.

Below you will find information about each tool provider and how you can object to the collection and processing of personal data through the tool.

Keep in mind that for tools that use opt-out cookies, the opt-out feature is associated with the device or browser and is therefore valid for the currently used end device or browser. If you use multiple end devices or the browser, you must select the denial function on each end device and in each browser used.

Additionally, you can generally prevent the creation of user profiles by disabling the use of cookies.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is available from Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA ("Google"). We use Google Analytics with the additional function offered by Google for anonymization of IP addresses. Google shortens IP addresses within the EU and only in exceptional cases in the United States, and in both cases records only abbreviated IP addresses.

You can object to the collection and processing of your data by downloading and installing a browser plug-in from the following link: